Popup Browser with Keyboard buttons

Hello Guys is there a way to put in the browser action a keycode that pops up with the browser?
thanks for answers…

This shows an example of how to use popup browser. You can probably get an idea from this.

Hello @Jesse not realy :wink:
i tought on buttons and then with automation command values but i dont know how…

I dont know what you are asking for. Are you wanting a full keyboard to popup?

Did you read that post I linked? It shows an example.

ok it looks like im explained it a little bit wrong
i have a browser popup action with google maps and touchscreen so i need to put some values OVER THE TOUCHSCREEN to put in that website, thats why i need a keyboard… or is there another way to use the integrated keyboard from samba?

Can these values be included in the url?
If so would be better to use samba built in ?prompt posibly inline in the url or in previous auomation command command value.
Your not going to be able to have a button in the page thats being loaded which it sounds like you want.