Popup selection for new orders

I want a Delivery/Takeaway selection popup to appear every time a new order is initiated.

In my current setup i have 3 ticket type:
-Reservation (for future orders)

I have 3 entity screens:
-Customer search
-Active orders

When a customer is selected from customer search entiity screen, I want a popup to appear and based on the selection the respective ticket type should be selected for that order.

I know i can go to entity screen settings and select option to choose ticket type for new order. However, i do not want the option for reservation ticket to appear for tickets created from customer search screen .


You can use Ask Question actions in a Ticket Created Rule and pass Buttons as a command value for tagging your Ticket.

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Thanks alot , this was very helpful

Just another question, I want configure a ask question rule for order time.

Is there a way for me to enter an order time manually in the ask question popup


Ask question rule for order time? What do you mean?

It automatically detects order time.

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For future orders I have created an order time tag.

I use ticket tags to capture order date and time for customers who want something ready for a future date at a particular time.

Now I want a popup to manual enter order delivery time(example: 5:30 pm).

Is that possible?


I think you should use Tasks and Reservation screen for that. Leaving open tickets for days can only lead to messing up your reports

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