Portion Button Size / Column control

Hi @emre,

Any chance we could get some control over the Portion Buttons, like Height and Column-count, in the same way we can control Order Tag Buttons?


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This is in my todo list. I hope to implement in next few releases.


@emre, bump

Is this coming anytime soon?

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Please make this adjustable,
I have to use this feature to get merge lines working. Merge lines won’t work if there is order tags.

Was about to post this question :smiley:
Is it possible already?

I don’t think it made it into v4. As of right now its not in v5 either but that can change. V4 will not be receiving any new feature changes but just to let you know I have made this request for v5 in the beta forum.

It is available in v4 …

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Ok I missed it sorry. Thank you @QMcKay