1. Is there a way to change the colour of these buttons, screen shot below shows the ask questions with the portion buttons, is there no way to format the buttons like we can with other buttons?

  2. Is there a way to add additional buttons to this ask question, so in the button field we have {PORTION BUTTONS} but id like to be able to add a cancel button after the portion buttons so that if the wrong item is pressed we can press cancel to remove the ask questions without adding a product. Ive tried adding the following in the button field of the ask question {PORTION BUTTONS},Cancel=Cancel:red;red This successfully adds a red cancel button after the portion buttons but as the ask question is trying to add a product pressing cancel causes samba to crash and a need to restart.

Currently the only way i see is to add any portion then select the order and then remove it

  1. Could we get the portion buttons changed so that the price is underneath the portion name and not next to it, or a new tag such as {PORTION BUTTONS NO PRICE} so the price is not stated and its just the portion name?

  2. Now ive implemented the portion button ask question I dont want the portion select screen to appear when i then select the order added on the ticket. With my setup and custom product buttons and multiple menu switching when I select an order on the POS screen i will then select my manager or other options button to open a new menu with options such as price override, void item, discount item etc, @emre is there a way i can disable automatic opening of the portion select menu when selecting an order on the screen?

ive tried adding an order selection changed rule that fire the action to switch menu but it seems that when selecting the order which automatically opens the portion screen it stops the rule from firing and switching the menu. I thought i might be able to use this as a workaround to close the portion screen and switch back to the pos screen menu but it doesnt work

Perhaps we could get a tick box setting here that when ticked disables automatically opening the portion screen?

To stop the portion screen popping up you untick that option on the product properties in the menu don’t you?

No, the auto select is when you add a product with portions the screen appears on ticket screen to select portion

As im using ask question to add portions when adding products i dont need auto select on

The issue is an order that is already on the ticket with a portion, when selected automatically opens the portion screen as it thinks you want to change the portion size

As i use custom product buttons in multiple menus once ive added a product with a portion i cant void it, price change it, discount it or anything as i need to open another menu with the auto commands for those functions and then sect the order. When i do this the portion screen appears

Off topic but how come your ask question is not full width? Kind like the look as a box rather than a band.

Emre changed it quite a few releases ago from a band to a box, the admin pin number pad was also slightly changed and looks better

Im going to change all my full screen ask questions to the new rectangle size

@emre do you think there would be an easy way for you to create a setting so the portion select screen didnt automatocally open when selecting an order

With not using the portion screen at all, using ask question to set portions and using custom products in various different menus i dont want the portion screen to appear when i select an order

I have other auto commands for price change etc that open in a different menu but then when i select the order this causes my menu with custom product buttons for price change etc to swap to the portion select screen which means in my setup i cant now change prices, discount etc any order that has a portion assigned to it

The only other solution is to create separate products for each portion size and then have a separate order button for each on the pos screen which i didnt really want to do

If you have a solution thats be great, if not ill have to look at separate product setup for each portion

Hi @emre this is my original request

ive just updated top the latest beta and that option you showed me doesnt exist

He probably has not released it yet.

The post he shared with me was from a couple of years ago i think

Ignore that i read the date wrong, his post to me was 2 years after the last date that topic was updated lol

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@emre thanks it works perfect and stops the portion screen from showing

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I think you want to cancel both portion update and order addition so you need to handle Cancel Button manually like…

Create Cancel Order action. (Don’t use default cancel order as it cancels selected orders by user)

… and setup Portion Update Rule like that


Cheers emre ill try this tonight :slightly_smiling_face: