"PORTION" not showing in the receipt

I follow this thread Portion Name on kitchen ticket to enable the “PORTION” print but fail to do it. Need advice

Your order line would be something like;


I created like below:-


Not showing anything

You have portions created in the recipe?

Yup, I changed “Normal” to “3 pieces” and restart Samba. Now i’m using “Product Tag” as temporary solution. Any idea ? Or is a bug?

Doubt such an obvious bug would have made it this far without being picked up.
How many portions does this product have?

Only 1, I’m created this for kitchen use. Chef want to know how many pieces per set

Portion = 3 Pieces
Multiply = 1
Price = 3.50

So the kitchen receipt will be

Pork BBQ.3 pieces 1

Looks like single portion (only one, regardless of what its called) is ignored on print template…
Why not call the product Pork BBQ 3 Pieces if there is only one portion?

Meaning it only printed if more than one portion?
We don’t want the “3 pieces” show in the customer bill :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, looks like if only one portion option portion is ignored altogether.

@emre is this by design? Understand ignoring Normal but is a portion name is specified should it not be recognized?

In the mean time you have a couple of options.
One would be to use a custom product tag like that used for those wanting kitchen recipe or dual language orders.
Or just put in a second portion with same price as 3-Peices, either one does the same thing but will trick samba into recognizing the portion…

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Currently I’m using Product Tag, just curious why Portion not working only.

Its obviously been done under the basis that is there is only one portion its not an option so why show?
Sam way with only one portion the tag/portion screen doesnt show when selecting order.
I would say look at {ITEM TAG:x} used for dual language tickets and many other things.
One portion is not really the option you want to use if its a message type thing for the kitchen.

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Got it pal, can closed this thread d. Thanks ya :sunglasses:

Product tags are exactly what you need and it’s a big reason they are available. Portions are meant to be portions and nothing else really.

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