Portion recipe not working

Hello I have a problem with different portion recipies.

1, I create product SAMPLE with 2 portions Normal and Small
2, I add new recipe for SAMPLE product
3, I add Inventory MEAT, quantity 1 for Small portion, after I change to Normal portion and try to set MEAT quantity 2 but it overwrites even the Small portion

So, the problem is I can´t set separate recipies for portions. One (latest) always overwrites the other. I use V4 latest version 1 server with 2 terminals…

Do you have solution? Thanks,

You cant select two portions for same item on menu when adding to ticket. What are you wanting to achieve? Can you explain what work flow your trying to achieve?

It sounds like Order Tags is what you may be looking for.

EDIT: Nevermind I see what your doing.

You need separate recipes for each portion.

OK I thinked so…

But what is this “portion choose” in recipe for?

You must define a Recipe for each Portion.

For example, if you sell a glass of Orange Juice, and it can be a Small or Large glass, you need to define a separate Recipe for each of those Portions …

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Thanks QMcKay - that´s it.