POS for other business such as Laundary

Hi I know this question is out of context but can you help me find POS for laundary business most of software what i found on google were cloud and paid so pls help me out
Thanks in advance

Edit : I have made one solution where i use customer to track tickets,and settle the ticket in customer account,however i cannot resettle the ticket once the customer has made actual payment and hence unable to track which ticket is open which is settled any guidance will be very useful guys :slight_smile:

There are a lot of solutions, but if you’re looking for a free option then look for open source, however you will most likely need to have some technical skills to get it working, that’s usually the price of a free solution.

Othe solutions can be quite cheap and easier. I bet you can even configure SambaPOS to your needs, all depends on what you need.

Most solutions that are worth using will be paid solutions. You should expect to pay for it. Expecting to get specialized software for free is crazy.

To be honest samba pos5 is 99 bux… And sure thing it can be made to do laundry or dry cleaning. Assigning an entity to each garment or sale.

Sounds like something I might even have a play with.

Laundry and Hair Dressers are two markets with allot of potential that I got asked about a couple of times before now, hair dressers for sure moreso and the common programs used are expencive.
The main challenge with hair dressers is a decent booking system/planner which I have yet to see a clean useable setup for.
Obviously hotel/accommodation is another one.
Laundry should be the easiest of the three since it wouldn’t need a booking/planner.


hairdressing software though, i found www.shedul.com which is actually free and very good.

I installed it for my sister in law who is currently moving from paper diary.

Since there is not date picker inside SambaPOS I use a series of order tags to allow us to select a date and time for our dive bookings. It’s crude, in that you can select iligitmate dates (31st September)… But you could include some error checking in a rule.

Once these order tags are stored in the DB it should be possible to display these bookings in some for of calendar (this isn’t something I have implemented yet, for now it’s enough for me to have the dates noted on each order).

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Here is a decent start of explanation using Google Calendar API …

I have done for one of the laundry , its working fine for me.
I will upload some screenshots later if u want.

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Innovative and beautiful :kissing_heart:

Sure i would like to see a few screenshots also can i have the db if possible the .mdf and .ldf files of samba for which you have made laundary solution.
Thanks in advance mate :hugs:

I totally agree with you on this,good software must always carry a price tag to it,however my boss thinks otherwise :frowning:

Wow :sunglasses: ,sorry was away for a while guys this forum totally rocks

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I googled a few projects but didn’t find any interesting “opensource” software which was worth using as laundary POS

Lets play together :smile: