POS Printer not completing report

Hello community,

I have a printing problem, some of my pos printers like the Epson TM-T88 III & IV don’t complete the report but start printing gibberish, this is usually at the end of the long report. Short reports have no problem.

I have another printer like the Digipos that print perfectly, but they use the same windows generic print driver so the difference is not there settings wise.

Any advise would be helpful.

How are they connected?
COM port?
Not experianced but gibberish on COM port usually means settings are our like braud rate etc.
Since its part way through perhaps one of the other settings is off.
Hold feed while turning on to print test report and double check all port settings.

Yes com port (9pin serial)

Baud : 38400 bps
Data Bits: 8 Bits

Probably a buffer overflow. I think there a setting for that in Ports? I just tried to check on my laptop and realized I have no COM ports LOL!

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