POS shows wrong department entity screen (terminals, departments, etc)

On site we have 4 separate departments:

Cigar Bar
Hideaway Main
Hideaway Side

Each have separate entity screens, ticket types, mapped to terminals.

Some employees work in multiple departments, some just one.

Using Roles, I would like to constrain departments.

However, when I have a Role that disallows changing departments and only allows, for example, the Pub department I run into a problem: when logging in from the pub terminal and entering POS it displays the first entity screen of cigar bar - no pub entity screens. When I select one of the cigar bar tables, I can enter items into a ticket.

The same occurs when one has access to all departments and permission to change.
When loging into a pub terminal SambaPOS will show Cigar Bar tables then after switching to pub department it will not show cigar bar tables even if department is selected.

I hope I explained this alright.

Is there a way to make sure that the entity screens not assigned to a terminal do not show up when entering POS?