Hello there,
I am using a POSIFLEX USB cash drawer connected to my USB4 port, and I have used your post for configuring a cash drawer, however I still can not get it to work. I have downloaded the POSIFLEX USB CR Utility and that can open the cash drawer, so I believe the drivers are properly set up. I think it is because I couldn’t find any information on how to create a “printer” that is actually the cash drawer using a “port printer” like was mentioned in the support post. Side note, I know I am using multiple commands, I was just trying them to see if maybe I just didn’t have the right one. I have attached images of everything I have done so far. Any help is appreciate, thanks so much!


These are some more of my pictures that they wouldn’t let me post

This is my error

The given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port

Hmm… I wonder, what could be the problem here?

The Driver/Utility should probably be capable of emulating a serial/COM port.

It is recognized, I have it attached in the USB post 3, I tried changing the port name to COM3 and I lost the error message but the cash drawer still will not open. @QMcKay

I see the driver as USB CashDrawer, but I don’t see any device on the screen for SambaPOS to point to?

Are you able to lets say add a printer, appoint it to the com port or USB port, and use Generic/Text Only, and see if adding it like a printer, whether it will work. Because in the Printer name/Port Name you have USB4 but I dont see any device with USB 4 on there?

Hi there, could you help me through the process of doing that?

Open Device manager, find the USB Port and show us what its showing.
You might have to change the name to show exactly what port its showing in device manager.
In this case its not a COM port been used but a USB thus it wont work if its using COM port.

Hi, not so clued up on the windows technical side but looking at your printing template it might be your problem as well. I am using the < XCT > 27,7,10,50,7 command. Looking at your template i would say the “>” should be after the XCT and not the numbers.