Possible ISSUE with bitmaps in ticket template in 4.1.18

Dear @emre, I installed 4.1.18, did not modify anything in the settings and now the ticket has 4 square brackets before the logo bitmap and then the first set of lines of the bitmap are moved to the right in comparisson to the rest of the bitmap, and its not centered anymore. 4.1.17 was doing it OK.


Can you post your printer template here?


Just rename the zip to TXT, its a text file

template.zip (1.1 KB)

Can you post your logo so I can test please.
My logos print fine (except for the line through the logo)

John does V3 or V2 prints logos fine on that printer?


@emre, same problem with V3.0.34.

The problem seem with my printer.

@emre, did you change anything in the bmp printing code?



Yes I’ve changed to fix vertical lines issue but it seems it didn’t solved. My printer does not have this issue so I’ll try to find a printer that have that problem. But I’m not sure why these square brackets appears.

I’m using an Epson TM-T20 USB.

I had the same problem with the Star TSP100
I replaced it with an epson T88 and you are no longer presented.
version 2.99 should solve square brackets issue.

THANKS!!! Installing now, will test it tonight!!!