Possible to do a factory reset or erase existing data and records

We no longer need to use our SambaPos Chinese EPOS system but our friend wants to use it for their business.

Is it possible to do a factory reset so we can just give it to them?

We want to erase all our transactions history, addresses and phone numbers saved and our company name and address on the receipts.

Can this be done without a factory reset?


You can not transfer a license to a new owner. They would need to purchase a license.

Sorry I’m a bit I.T illiterate so does that mean the equipment is useless or they can still have all the equipment but pay for a new Licence meaning new software that relates to their menu and company details?

Just a new license for SambaPOS will be needed.

Give them all the equipment and have them contact the original reseller and he or she can not only issue a new license but also assist in preparing the old installation for new use, help with training, etc.


Thank you for your prompt response.

How much is the new licence for them?

It is SambaPOS v5

SambaPOS v5 Pro is $250 but they should really work through the reseller.