Pre-preps as inventory items

We have reviewed this post:

And it seems to be the same problem. We believe Inventory Products are not suited for pre-preps.

We need to setup pre-preps that consume inventory items. These pre-preps should then be added to the same inventory for consumption.

We tried to create inventory transactions but it doesn’t seem to be the right answer.

Our pre-preps are:

  1. Frozen bag of French-fries small
  2. Frozen bag of French-fries medium
  3. Frozen bag of French-fries large

We have potatoes as inventory items.

We want to be able to tell SambaPOS how many pre-preps of each portion we have prepared. SambaPOS would need to know the “recipes” for each in order to reduce the potatoes from the inventory.

Furthermore, we would like to be able to declare wastage of both, potatoes and pre-preps.

Can SambaPOS handle this functionality?

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to do this at this time.

Only Inventory Items can be Purchased to define how much you have in Stock. And only Consumption of Items can be tracked, through Recipes, whether the Stock is Consumed directly as Items and/or indirectly through Items that make up Product sub-Recipes.

Inventory Products cannot be “purchased”, so there is no way to tell how much “pre-prep” Stock you have on-hand. So it follows that you cannot track Consumption of a “pre-prep” Product either. You can only track Consumption of the Items that make up the Product Recipe, again either directly as Items and/or indirectly through Items that make up Product sub-Recipes.


is there any solution for this ??

hellow Qmckay i will like to know if actually there is a way to track inventory products in stock? or a way to tell samba that i make a production with certain inventory items and that production result in X Quantity of inventory products in stock.

Are you asking the same question as the original poster as Q already answered this…

There has not been any updates released since his post so nothing will have changed.

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