Pre printed receipt

Hello Team,

Could you please give a guidance on how to Pre Printed Paper ?

Like one below

My questions would be

  1. What printer type to be Selected ?

  2. Is there any Printing Template Tags available ?

Thanks Again.

you would have to build your own template up on that.

Id print off on A4 first then hold up against it to check it fits in the right places.

In terms of printer type selected, i wouldn’t know.

Not going to be easy!

Hehe, be prepared to ware a shed load of paper adjusting and tweeking :slight_smile:

Main issue I can see based on the sample is in the totals section which is if you expect it to be at the bottom but not on its own page I think might be tricky

Think your going to need to use HTML or document printer.
I haven’t needed to use either so can’t help much beyond digesting starting with those.

I think Document Printer will give you the best flexibility for layout. I think you will struggle with HTML even if it was fully possible. Like JTR says I don’t know about forcing alignment at the bottom but I am sure it is possible since Document Printer uses XAML and gives you the full formatting capability as Microsoft’s XPS format. You probably just need to do some research elsewhere on the web about the correct tags to use in XAML to do what you need.

As a start, check out this post where Document Printer was first released. It includes a sample template to get you started.

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