Pre Purchase Questions

Hi everyone,

I am currently using Aronium pos software but its lack of features and updates are holding my business back a bit so am looking for something non cloud based to switch to. After looking around SambaPOS looks to be the one for us but I just have a couple of questions…

How seamless is the networked version of the software, as we have two terminals currently and have experienced lag with other software that we’ve used between the database till and those feeding from it.

Looking at the form it would seem that you have got to be pretty well versed in code to personalise the software to your needs. How difficult realistically is all of this?

I’ve downloaded the demo and had a look around on it, we’re a pub/restaurant and it looks like it fits our needs. Is anyone else in the same industry using the software and if so how have you found it?


Hiya and welcome!

I purchased SambaPOS for the reasons you mention: database runs on-site (I have access to my own data, POS works if internet/power goes out), multi-terminal, super-customisable, and a great community support forum.

Multi-terminal is no problem for SambaPOS.

My place was a small bar that served food. SambaPOS met every requirement and need that arose.

You don’t need to know how to code to build a kick-ass implementation. I know how to code a bit, but when I started all I did was follow the tutorials found on these forums and the knowledge base. It worked fantastically. I spent the first year customising my install. I’d read through the forums and think, “Ooo, I like that”, and off I went.
The genius who was behind SambaPOS, and the great group who continue to build on it, designed it in a way that with the available tutorials you should be able to do whatever you want with little to no coding experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there is more of a learning-curve compared to out-of-the-box solutions. I find this to be a good thing.

Looking at the feature list of Aronium, there is nothing on that list that SambaPOS can’t do.


You dont need to know code to begin with.
The more advanced you want to setup the more chance of needing to learn a little code.
Things can sometimes be easier with a bit of code but you can do some more complex things with gui automation but more complex things that would be simple in scripts become more drawn out if doing purely in automation.
Provided you go in knowing that basic default samba is basic epos and you will likely need to spend a bit of time getting to grips with how automation works to move forward then you won’t regret switching.
But as said default instal is basic, most more advanced things you might see on forum are not just click to enable, people have built these configs.
This is generally a very active forum with several experienced resellers/samba old timers. Generally people of forum are happy to help you learn, if you come on expecting direct instructions and tutorials just for you then expect people to get fed up of helping (forum is community or users and resellers, not paid support, we come here to help others off our own back)
If you show willing and post clear consise questions showing clear screenshots of what you’ve done and what the issue is peolle will help. If you come and just say tried following x tutorial and it doesnt work you won’t get much back.


Honestly the majority of our 130,000 locations using Sambapos have zero knowledge of code. Most of them barely can use a computer. SambaPOS is a simple POS for the most part. If you need advanced features we can support that too although thats where it takes a learning curve. The learning curve is not too bad and well worth the time invested to get a very fast enterprise level POS at a price that beats everyone.

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We deployed a silicone RFID wristband solution for a resort that have server, 3 terminals & tablets. Having a good server with SSD & Gigabit network makes it seamless.

There is pretty much a tutorial for most of features that were universally being requested, anything a bit more personalized will require to jump between tutorials but generally after you under stand rules & actions and how to pass variables you can build anything.

I dont run a restaurant/pub myself but all my clients are happy and through time they all developed strategies using VIP cards, loyalty points, memberships, vouchers or similar and we accommodated it easily without having to wait any major updates.