Prebuilt DB for quickservice/tables and takeaways

Anyone have a db that we could start with

We have a busy cafe with table service and takeaways.

We want to use tablets for the tables but have a lot of quickservice takeaway orders also.

We do not share databases with v5 due to license issues. Check out the tutorials section it has lots of solutions for various restaurant types.

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Can you not use a v4 prebuilt and upgrade?

You could but it’s not recommended. It is always better to do tutorials and configure it how you want.

Thanks… just seemed faster to start with a prebuilt that did most of what we need.


It would be quicker to get going but you would then have a system you have no idea how it works and when you come to make a change you easily end up breaking automation from the imported db etc.
Spend some time and do tutorial and learn, sambas value as a extremely powerful software is only useable if you learn how to customise it.