Prepaid Customer Tab


What’s the best way of making a prepaid tab, so a customer can pay for items and they can be recalled later?


Can you explain what you mean by recalled?
If you mean a prepaid account and purchases can be paid using the credit the best way is accounts which are associated with the customer entities.

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So in this example the price list changes at 8pm from cheaper daytime prices to evening prices. Customers purchase drinks before 8pm at the cheaper prices to save for later, I would like to be able to recall these purchased drinks that have been paid for but not consumed. When using the customer entities in the normal way they aren’t stored when paid for of course.


OK, so accounts wont work.
If we forget price change for now what your asking is a way to handle ‘drinks in’.
IN theory you could use a preorder ticket but never been a fan of this option.
If it were me I would look hard into states and make a custom stoate flow to handle the comsumed orders but this isnt a job for a novice if your not confident with states.
Preorder ticket may be option for you but cant really go in to detail as never used.

To have an idea you can review how deposit payments are handled on reservation sample.

Thanks. I’ve tried using the Kitchen Display with separate food and drink screens. If I set the kitchen display to only show orders tagged as tabbed is there any way of showing the kitchen display for drinks to only show the drinks tagged as tabbed for the selected customer?