Prevent negative balance for customer accounts

I would like to know how to prevent payment from customers account that doesn’t have enough balance to settle opened ticket, with popup windows for manager/administrators confirmation only

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You dont want the account to go to credit or you dont want the staff to use Customer Account Payment option in settle screen?

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Payment processors are how you limit this. It’s part of payment type.

My assumption is that he is happy for an operator to settle a bill using customer account, but to only allow a maximum payment of any credit the customer has in their account.

I think (but not 100) Jesse means that you could create a rule that is triggered by a “payment processed” and within here you could do some logic to see if the customer has overpaid using their account (and sent them in to debt)… The thing I am not sure about is how you could cancel the payment at this stage - particularly if the ticket has now been settle and is on it’s way to being marked as closed.

Paynent processor happens before payment is actually processed…
So can be used to prevent payment type use given whatever restriction etc.

No there is a feature called payment processors. It’s an option on your payment type.

Ahh, I hadn’t noticed that I can launch an automation command at the payment processor level…

So what values are available at his stage (I can probably check using the rule debugger), but more importantly, what action can I use to cancel this particular payment? Is there a specific “Cancel this current payment” action I am missing, or do I need to re-write the payment amount to 0 (Zero)?

They are triggered before payment and can be used to validate or run scripts etc before payment is processed.

You would add a validation. One secet me get to my computer I’ll show you.

Example use coming up.

Here is an Add Limit processor I set it to TICKET TOTAL so it will not allow Cards to be processed for more than the amount. You can use this to limit accounts so they cant be over drawn.

Use case would be to use {ACCOUNT BALANCE} as max amount. Maybe the wrong tag I am not sure. ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE maybe i cant remember but its possible. Notice it never sent payment until it was TICKET TOTAL or less.

PS Sorry for the processing popup that is for US card integration tests.

If you watch my video there is NO automation required the processor does it all.

Where I have TICKET TOTAL you would use ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE or maybe ACCOUNT BALANCE I cant remember which one it is. You notice there is ask admin pin etc available as well.

Ahhh… Didn’t spot “Add Limit” was an option!

Annoyingly, we do allow some customers to run-up a debt… Is there a way to just have a prompt…

"You are paying $100 using Dave’s account, but Dave only has $75 of credit in his account. Are you sure you want to put Dave in to debt?"

Would something like this be possible using a rule?

You can do that now. There is even an example somehwere for change off credit card tips or something. Again no automation required the processor will do it… one sec let me look it up.

Try playing around with Ask Payment Description processor. It supports scripting to call ask question etc.

OK I’ll take a look and see what I can find. Cheers :slight_smile:

You can also just set the type of the account i.e, Debit or Credit.

If you set the account to Debit it wont allow you to go to Credit.

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