Prevent POS unless entity selected


I use Ricks tutorial for being able to suspend transactions so more than one person can use each till when a fob is swiped. If someone is using the till another person can come along, suspend the transaction by using their fob and refob to bring up the POS screen with their username as the entity.

My goal is to make our system work like ICR Touch and instead of logging out it stays on the POS screen. When a staff member swipes their fob it selects their staff name entity and if another fob is presented it holds that order, closes the ticket and allows another staff to fob on. Is there any way of preventing users using the POS screen without first swiping their fobs to assign their staff entity to the ticket? The logging out to pin screen creates a bit of a delay in a nightclub environment.


You can add a constraint to the order added rule so that orders can only be added to the ticket if an entity is assigned

And specifically make it your cashier entity, { ENTITY NAME:Cashier } is not null

Check the printer template for the correct tag if the above is incorrect

Then change the suspend rule, if it currently logs the user out for another to login then remove the logout action and just have thebclose ticket action. That will reset the screen for the next cashier to assign their entity which will then allow orders to be added

You could also setup a rule that on ticket close a keypad appears so the cashier can just swipe in straight away, that will assign that cashier entity to the ticket straight away allowing orders to be added

This would mean you have to swipe in for every transaction but you’ll need to do that anyway to assign your entity

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Are you using users as well as entities or a single login?

Thank you both. I’ve users and entities set up but ideally if I can get this to work i’d just have one login and the staff as entities.

I’ve tried {ENTITY NAME:Staff} is not null in the default order added to ticket rule but it still lets me add products without the entity being selected :confused:

Rick a keypad appearing would be amazing! Are there any tutorials on the forum as to how to bring up a keypad for the staff to swipe their fob? Thank you so much

You would add a change ticket entity action to the close ticket rule and I assume you have a field with a staff number or card number?

So in the add ticket entity action there’s a search data field I think so in there you put [?Swipe Card to Login;;;OCN]

That will bring the keypad up, there various formats that can be setup and customised but that’ll give a keypad you can use

You will then need to add the same action to new order added rule where if order count equals zero it brings the keypad up, as you’ll be able to cancel it off the screen in the previous rule, this way will bring it back up if someone attempts to add an order

I’m quite liking this as opposed to they way I have it where we fully log out and back in again, I might have a look and change my setup and show you, might not be tonight though and I’ll need to build into JTR’ s hold order setup using

Thanks, I can get it to load the numberpad on ticket close and that’s fantastic, but if I enter a Staff entity fob number it doesn’t load that entity

Is your change ticket entity got can create ticket set as true

Edit yes it has I can see that lol

Is there a load ticket entity action to use instead of change ticket entity?

You might only be able to use change ticket entity when the ticket is open

Thanks Rick, tried load entity but that’s a no go for me too

Constraining an order added rule in itself doesn’t prevent order adding. The trigger is an order added so order is already added when rule fires.

I’ve tried changing the action so it just assigns the Admin entity on ticket close without any pin popups but that doesn’t seem to assign a new entity to a new ticket either

You should make your pin prompt happen on ticket close so it needs to be entered before even seeing the POS screen

That’s what i’ve done, Just got it loading Admin entity to try and get it working but it seems ticket closed doesn’t assign Admin to the new ticket on closing.


Maybe we need to add a create ticket action into the closed ticket rule and then have the keypad appear action in a ticket created rule instead?

Might even need a delayed auto command action somewhere to ensure ticket closed has finished processing before the other actions/rules kick in

I know for my switch user with logging out and logging in I need to use a delayed auto command set to 1 second before the login action and rules fire otherwise they don’t work

Wouldn’t that prevent access to the main menu as there would be no way of closing the ticket?

I’ve created an automation command button to a rule to the assign entity action with search term Administrator, sometimes I click it and it sets the ticket entity as Administrator other times it brings up the customer search screen :confused:

The other way of doing it is to not allow payment until the staff entity is added

So orders can be added and new ticket created but cannot physical be paid so the transaction cannot complete until staff entity added

In this case amend the settle rule or whatever your payment rule is to go to payment screen or setup on any fast cash buttons to add the entity at that point

That might make things easier as the ticket is already created so entity will add easier than what we tried to do before when there was ticket, and solves the issue on not be able to get to main menu as well if we did it the other way

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