Price change item is then automatically gifted

Help would be appreciated for my following problem:

When I hit the price change button and follow the promps for price change after completion of price change it also gifts my price change, then I have to press “cancel gift” button for the item to return to normal (not blue in colour)

This price change button is not the original price change button but from this post

here are my screen shots:
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Any help would be appreciated.

Are you changing it to 0?

What do you mean gifts? Show screenshots of the gifted items.

You must have something else happening as my flow is a completely different state flow that has nothing to do with the gift state

changed to R5 not Zero.

Checked the Tutorial and all actions and rules seem good, hence me asking for some help as i cant figure out why this is happening. Have deleted original Price change rule (unmapped)

Here is flow of Price change.

You need to show your rules because somewhere somethings not right or your gifting rule is interfering with price change

Show you price change rules with expanded actions

Going through Gift rules I notice state is set to PStatus, What should this Status actually be, GStatus ?


OK that fixed it, changed it to GStatus from PStatus and now doesn’t gift item anymore when price changed. Although price change is now not working, but will go through everything again.

Thanks guys for the input

Its should be PStatus that is a new state i created for Price Change

GStatus is what’s used for Gift State

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You shouldn’t be using the update gift state action at all in the price change rule that’s why it isn’t working

It should be a brand new action for the price change rule using PStatus

(You will need to create the P State in the order and ticket state setting)

Look at my tutorial again it shows you how to setup the state and all the actions and rules, you have been using and editing the gift action which is messing the whole thing up

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I might be confused, but the first post is the rules of Price Change with Pstatus and the last post was of Gift action and rules now with GStatus.

That’s what you have posted anything that involves GStatus is incorrect you are using default actions built into samba when you should be creating your own actions and using PStatus

Read my tutorial again it explains step by step what to do, you just haven’t followed it and created the actions it shows you, you’ve tried editing existing actions which will break the default gift system built into samba


Oddly as it may sound @stephanhenning You had issues with this tutorial back in 2015 and it was similar, you not following tutorial exactly.

This was back in 2015. Maybe do that again.

Ill also do a new one for V5 that I use now