Price List Editor New Filters or Listing by Group Code, Tags, Custom Tags needed



This is my first time using Price List Editor and I found something missing for me and may be for you too. Is there any way to filter or listing all my products by Group Code (Categories) or Tags? I cant find it any where in the Price List Editor window. It would be very helpful to change prices QUICKLY in same Group or Tags products. for example filtering or listing by Cold Drinks or Coffees groups.


Nihat Demir


Hmm… yeah that would be useful. I have changed this to a feature request since that does not currently exist.

You can however do some filtering by clicking header row to sort by a certain column, and if you right click on header row you get some other group options although most are not that useful.


Im sure, it will help everyone. Thx @markjw


From my understanding the tool used to display those is limited. He would have to rewrite that to include sorting like that. I mean he would have to scrap that simple tool.


Thats right. Show Column section; Tags, Categories, Custom tags