Price List Editor New Filters or Listing by Group Code, Tags, Custom Tags needed


This is my first time using Price List Editor and I found something missing for me and may be for you too. Is there any way to filter or listing all my products by Group Code (Categories) or Tags? I cant find it any where in the Price List Editor window. It would be very helpful to change prices QUICKLY in same Group or Tags products. for example filtering or listing by Cold Drinks or Coffees groups.


Nihat Demir


Hmm… yeah that would be useful. I have changed this to a feature request since that does not currently exist.

You can however do some filtering by clicking header row to sort by a certain column, and if you right click on header row you get some other group options although most are not that useful.


Im sure, it will help everyone. Thx @markjw

From my understanding the tool used to display those is limited. He would have to rewrite that to include sorting like that. I mean he would have to scrap that simple tool.

Thats right. Show Column section; Tags, Categories, Custom tags

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Hi Mark,

How did you manage to add TA header?

By default its Product Portion and Price…

Can you please tell me how you got TA?


Watch the gif. There is column choose when you right click on the header bar.

Thanks for responding JTR, but it doesn’t actually explain how TA was created before selecting Column Chooser. The answer to this is actually create a Price Definition and then it’ll appear in Column Chooser.

I was wishful thinking, hoping i could add additional columns,

i.e. Product name / English Name … Portion / Price… but it seems … price definition… relates to the price of the product and not the name… may be there’s a way to extract this … i don’t know how… but hopefully one day someone would share this information…

That doesnt make sense. The product is the name. It’s the same thing.

In short you want custom product tag visable on prime list editor.
I thiugh this was available in column choose although havnt tied changing column myself.


So a short summary… i’m creating a menu in a different language… which also applies english to the invoice…

But when you click on Price List editor, it will only show the Product (which i defaulted to chinese), Portion and Price… i was hoping i could … select Product Tag: English… but this does not seem the be a option in the Column Chooser. If it could… that would make my life a lot easier.

Yes, custom tags on price list would be good and this topic was a request for that but don’t think it has been implimented by samba team at this time.

Can you help me understand the use for it? From the Price List screen how would that be useful to see a product tag?

for filtering by tag would be my reason
his reason is his products are multilingual so wants tags to be able to see the seccond language for product name in the list.

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I understand that but how is that helping his business. What does seeing that do? Change prices faster?

Yes, presumably that would be his reason. or rather being able to update with price list if you dont know both languages.

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Workaround would be both languages in product name then individual in pair of tags and setting custom display states for orders and updating templates accordingly for POS end.

exactly… change price faster! :slight_smile:
not knowing the language is already a limitation on my end…

what is this then individual in pair of tags and setting custom display states for orders and updating templates?

Got any animation to see what you’re talking about… i probably haven’t touched upon anything state change thing… i’m clueless as to what you’re talking about here…

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