Price mod by numberpad with a fixed calculation

So i have some products like lobsters and fish where the price is based on the weight(no scale module) of the product i successfully implemented a way to pop up a numberpad to modify Prices [?Enter New Price ;\d+.?\d{0,2};[0];ON;55,56,57|52,53,54|49,50,51|8,48,190]

Change Price - Create your own button to control permissions

but here i was wondering is there a way to modify this so that you enter weight like let say 550grams and then it multiplies this number by a fixed amount so that the waiter doesn’t need to calculate the prices of these products themselves.

edit:this solution works but is improved by @JTRTech in post 3

i found a solution i just added another action to modify the price after the first one and this time i set price to [=F(TN('{PRICE}')*100)] so now the value entered in the pop up numberpad instantly gets multiplied by 100.

pics of the actions and the rule used

this action needs to be first in the rule

and this one always below the other one (isn’t needed anymore)

That seems a little clumsy…
In theory you would either trigger an execute automation command where the command triggered a seccond rule where the update price actions was.
You [?prompt] would define the command value then the seccond rule where the update price action was would use command value in place of price.

I havn’t tried but an even better possibility if it works would be;

[=F(TN('[?Enter New Price ;\d+.?\d{0,2};[0];ON;55,56,57|52,53,54|49,50,51|8,48,190]')*100)]

Off to bed but would be interesting if that works.

That will probably be a nicer fix once I’m back at work tomorrow i will try it.

Ive not tested it but let us know if it works, not sure if you can compound square brackets like that, allot of the time its just try it and see.

So i tested it and it indeed works thanks this will make it all much nicer and have less problems then my first setup :sweat_smile:

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Just so you know, clalculate price field is irelevent to this automation, it is the option which allows void/gift to hold their price for reporting etc but not to be included in the ticket total.

i know it just had the calculate price to true as i cloned the action from a old existing rule i already had and then modified name and price but thanks for the info any ways :smile: