Print 1 item on bar printer and kitchen printer or have order tags to deduct from inventory or have a recipes

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in my menu i have burger and burger combo.

to do combo and in order to deduct rom inventory, i couldn’t do it as order tag. i had to make and item called
FF + Soft Drink and i order tag this product with 7up-pepsi… ect…

the thing is i need the same PRODUCT FF+SoftDrink to be printed on both Kitchen printer to provide French Fries and at the Bar to get the drink.

i made the necessary changes and print job i added 2 times , but it only print on the 1st printer in order …

so any way i can have an item to be printed on 2 printers ?? OR there is another easy way i can do combo or use ORDER TAG to have a recipes and deduct from inventory ?

Firstly I think thwere is going to be a better way to do combo, you can set inventory to order tags for a start and then make the order tag required 1 by setting min and max to 1.
Also if you want to automatically have fries and pepsi tagged on adding the busger product you can do this using the edit product properties table within the menu settings.

As for printer you would need to show some screenshots as your not giving enough info to offer and good sugestions of whare to check.
Have you moved the second print job action in the rule to the top after the other print job? If they are state filtered and its at the end of the list of actions the state will be changed before the second print job can fire.
Screenshots will help though, thats just a guess at a posible reason based on what you have said but could be many things.

here is a screenshot,

for COMBO 2 times mapped , one for each printer.

This is supported. You cannot print the same Group or Item twice, to more than 1 Printer. You need to define another Print Job for this.

I think you need to use another Print Job. I vaguely remember another conversation about this and how it wont work right to repeat them like that.

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Yes. If you need to print from multiple printers at once separate Bar Prints and Kitchen prints under separate print jobs and execute both.

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Hi, I have added one more job in Print Job and added the same product in different printer than the first printer but it still printing in the first printer only it is not printing in the new added printer.
Kindly explain in detail how to make the job ticket to print in both the printer.
thank youprit job

Have you added a execute print job action to trigger the print job?
If using states like the default kitchen print setup it needs to happen before the states are changed to submitted in the ticket closing flow.

Can you pls explain that in detail, so that i can recheck if i have done that correct.

Create new print job action and have it set to the printer you want.

In your rules check your ‘ticket closing rule’… you will find the default print job there. Then add the new created print action and put it right above or under ‘execute kitchen print job’ save it. It should now print to both printers

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Again, choose a topic and stick with it :wink:

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