Print 3 copies kitchen printer for a specific product

I set kitchen print out according to department/product ,
how to print 3 copies kitchen printer for a specific product ?


Hello @mercyhendra. That question will probably get no response because it is really hard to understand what you are asking.

Can you please give full details about your need? Do you want to print whole kitchen order 3 times when there is a specific product or do you want to print 1 full kitchen order + specific product 3 times or is it something else? Letting us know how you use these 3 copies may also give us hints about your need. Questions that have details about the work flow generally captures more attention.

Additionally you can review our community guidelines for more tips.

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Hello Emre …
i have 3 printers

  1. pancake printer 2.rotibakar printer 3.minuman printer
    each printer is in a different location,
    my question is how to print paket (combo order) to all printers