Print additional receipts by Order Tag when a ticket is paid

This question is related to a bar where staff is paid commission when customer buys them a drink. We are looking for a solution where for a single ticket once it is paid and it prints the final invoice, it will also print a separate invoice for only these commission drinks and one for each staff. The staff are captured as order tags on the ticket.

For example, a customer buys 2 different staff drinks and when he pays the bill this is what we like to print out:



Any assistants would be appreciated

Youll want a separate print job and execute action.
Simplest would be print separate - printing combined tickets per user would be a bit more interesting.
You can set a commission state with staff name and use that with seperate print jobs but that would mean customizing the flow for each user so not ideal.
What might be a more fluid solution might be to use a loop value to select the orders using select orders action and the above mentioned state then print with print selected orders only on the print action.
youll need to use a report type expression to feed the list of users into the loop value.