Print Bill for order group


I want to print Separate bills for Food and Bar for certain customers. Sometimes customer asks to print separate bill for drinks, because their employer doesnt refund for drinks and dont want to display that.

And on each bill display NET TOTAL of both bills at the end of bill. Just to know the total of both food and drinks on each bill.

For Ex:

Food And Beverages Bill

1 x Chicken Toast 100
1 x Salad 170

S Tax

Total 270+tax

NET TOTAL : <F&B Total + Bar Total>

Can we have a button while settling called SEPARATE BILL, which will do this job and print it separately as above discussed.

You can do something like I have done in the GIF.

Select the items you want a separate bill for, and on left press move. It will move items to a new ticket on same table. So when you click close and open table again you will see 2 separate bills for same table. and on each ticket is the total of each ticket. one for drinks, one for food

Print job mapping will allow group splitting without seperate tickets in the same way kitchen print only prints food…

Thanks Shivan,

This process is good. But a tad bit tedious during busy day.

I would love to have a button while settling the bill saying SEPARATE , and once clicked, will show two bills one for only food and one for only Drinks.

Also on each bill, It should still show at the end of bill THE NET TOTAL i.e. FOOD PLUS DRINKS

Well based on that comment your probably going to need to manage it through the template.
Setting specific templates for a drinks only and food only and not printing the other order lines by excluding via group/state similar to how void items are not printed.
In order to get a ticket total for all items this is probably the route youll need to take. Although saying that you might still be able to achive the overall total and 'plus $x drinks using report expression refering back to the main ticket rather than the printed template.
Either way I think you should look to adopt a state based setup as states are easily reported on.