Print Bill for the amount paid

Hi again…
Our customer also has a situation that when they have functions and partly paid by the company and they need the receipt, is there any way to do? for example, if the total bill if $300 , then the company pay for $150.00 and only want the receipt of $150.00 then the rest will be paid by the staff. Without creating a new ticket, is there anyway that I can just put the amount … $150.00 and then just print the receipt for the amount received?

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Not easily.
A receipt will show multiple payments if template is right however unless you split the ticket its not that straight forward.
As an example, should a country or region have multiple taxes, how would you produce a receipt for a payment value showing taxes without a direct link between what products a payment was allocated against (which samba doesnt do).
This is a common issue with many systems, the hotel booking software we use at hotel here does have a way to allocate payments to specific charges however its not the cleanest.
You have to remember that payments are not directly linked to products/orders and the tax implications of that.
Tax is typically not relevant to the method of payment, but the products themselves. Ultimately the company is looking for tax receipt for deductables.

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Understand… Thx for your suggestion