"Print Bills" Button in Ticket List not fully functional

I have created the a “Print Bills” button using LoopValue but it is not fully what I want.

I want it to print the several “separate” tickets of the same table from the ticket list of the table screen. My implementation comes out merged together, can someone points out what I did wrong? Also can someone explain the logic of LoopValue again, maybe I have misunderstood how it is supposed to be used.

*Nevermind about the ticket tag “MainScreen”

The Table tickets List

The bill printed when the 1st ticket is highlighted

The bill printed when the 2nd ticket is highlighted

The Bill printed when both tickets are highlighted or when both are not highlighted

Actions and rules coming up in next post, please wait a bit.

Can you add a show message action in the automation command rule to display the command value of the automation command so we can see what value is being based to the loop?