Print custom text/labels


i would like to have a simple dialog on a custom entity screen where I input text and press a button to print it using a predefined template.

It would serve for printing ‘reserved’ labels for tables with name and time.

I believe I need to pass the text as a command value to a print action and somehow call it from within the printing template. Is there a way how to do it?

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You cant print a command value directly.
Closes would be to save a program setting value and print that.
However I would perhaps sugest adding the fields as custom entity fields and use a custom automation flow to perhaps also set a entity state for the table of reserved allowing a different colour for reserved tables.

Thank you for the suggestion. Saving the text as program setting should work. I assume that I can read the program setting value from the printing template, right?
What king of widget do you recommend for the input field with a button?

Adding more automation is not necessary. Customers are calling us during the day and asking the waiters to book a table for a specific hour. All I need to do is to put a label on this table in advance. If Samba could help us manage the reservations, that would be great.

I tried to use the reservation setup beta but either I don’t understand how it is supposed to work or it is made for a different work flow.

Changing entity state & printing a docket that says reserved shouldn’t be a problem achieving with one button

What if you want?
If its just to print have a button and command rule, update setting action useing [?prompt] in value, print action then another update setting action with empty to clear it.

You’re right and I could make this work. The thing is that having a different color for a table that is booked for tomorrow evening has no use for me :slight_smile:

@JTRTech Thank you, [?prompt] seems to be the right way to go. Will try it in the evening.