Print Daily Sale Report After Workperiod end

Hello Brothers
I like to ask About this “Print Daily Sale Report After Workperiod end”
I want to Print From ticket Printer To get Daily Sale Report After Workperoid End
it will print For Daily Sale Report.

I want to print When Ticket is order it will print automatically print ticket and when is done payment it will print detail. There is Print Bill Button in samba i know. I don’t want to click that print Bill button to get order ticket bill need to print.

Requirement 1.

Create a “Print Report” Action.
Report Name Work Period Report
Printer Name:Ticket Printer(Or printer of your choice)

Next Create a Rule
Event Name Work Period Ended
Click Select Action and choose the Print Report Action you just created.
Click Save. Then test it to make sure it works.

Requirement 2
You can do this two ways.
First way is… When you settle a ticket, before ticket closes it will popup saying “Do you want to Print Receipt?” You can say yes or no.

Second Way
Go to Manage>Settings>Configuration Tasks
On the right hand side click “Update Task” (You have to be connected for internet for this to work)
You will see a list downloaded. Look for and click Automatic Print On Payment. It will ask you to select payment type and print job… Select appropriate ones and that’s it. It will automatically create the required rules to make Auto Printing work after payment paid.



requirement 1 bro
Create Action it show Like this
there is no work Period Report ??

Change “Action Type” to Print Report


brother at requirement 1 Print Name Will be
Kitchen Print Box Right…
Not The Printer Share Name Right

Yes in your Action you choose or type Printer Name

like this one right i put Ticket Printer That is Printer Name

AM I RIGHT Brother

Yes thats correct

have you tested it?

i not test right now
i create it already when they closed at night i will know or
Now i will go and click end work period it will be print right if work

You can test this without having to close your current work period. You can use training mode to do this

then once test is complete, you can click “Disable Training mode”

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thanks Brother
I am new person so u share with me good knowledge thanks

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hello brother i very happy u show the way it work but right now i want to add another print report when workperiod is end like this one

Before Workperiod Report is working Properly i want to come out it work period and this report when work period finished and this report also print can i do that if u know can u show me please @Shivan

Do you already have that report in your system?

If so, create a new ACTION - PRINT REPORT choose the name of report (Order Detail) and then add that action to the RULE of Work Period Ended … this way when it ends it’ll print 2 reports for you.

Thanks u Brother i really thanks
can u know about Item Group Report it Filter with item Potion
whatever sell product at shop if sell Small All the Small will one group if Medium sell Medium will one group