Print Delivery Ticket only if Ticket Tag indicates order is for delivery

I have created a “delivery ticket” that I want to print at the same time that the kitchen ticket prints. It has less information about the food and more information about the customer, like address. I want it to only print when the ticket tag “Order Type” is set to Delivery. I tried to make an automation with no success. I was then thinking about putting an expression into the printer template so it would only print when Order Type = Delivery.

Any thoughts? Better ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Add constraint to Execute Print Job Action in the Rule that fires the Print Job …

'{TICKET TAG:Order Type}' == 'Delivery'

Thanks! Works great.
You forgot the preceding ’ but that was the simple implementation I wanted.

hello i need the same solution, could you please post little details please, thanks

The solution is in this thread…

what details are you talking about?

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where should i write this , in the template or automation command, could you please tell me, thanks a lot

he told you here.
In the constraint field on the corresponding print action within the rule.

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is that here…or somewhere where kitchen printer job trigger

You tell us, by default there isnt a payment processed print job so its custom.
Depends on your setup.

sorry its not payment process, its the ticket closed for delivery order, its print another extra ticket with pricing and address from the kitchen printer for delivery man could collect from the kitchen . no need to come front desk to collect.

Yes that should work. Try it and see

hello sir, is connect app i can use with unregistered version? thanks

No you have to have a valid license to use our products in production.