Print Document Transaction on POS screen

Hey guys,

so Ive been working on creating top ups from POS screen which were pretty straight forward.

However, printing those top-ups is what I find difficult. I mapped Document Type to Customer Receipt Template. However, calling the action through the rule even though its mapped to printer template doesnt make it print.

I also tried creating an action that calls for a print job that uses Customer Receipt Template but it doesnt work either.

Calling the action to print it - so I am guessing that I need to forward the ID of the document transaction to the printer somehow or am I overthinking it?

I just realised we have these…

Ill give it a go and let you know.

I dont understand what am I doing wrong.

In the same rule above I used that new action called SambaCard Print Account Transaction and used [=Data.Get(“DocumentID”)] within the Document Id but it did nothing.

@Jesse would you know what am I missing?

Is there not option to print in the topup/create transaction document action?
Think that print document action is for use on the accounts screen.

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If your using a ticket to do this you will need to add an item to print. It’s not really created a ticket yet and you have no access to a transaction yet because of it. You either need to add an item or do this from accounts screen.

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Yes there is and I tried using it with passing down the document ID to it but it doesnt really do anything.

I see… So I have to do something similar to Gift Certificate made by Q?

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@Jesse After dwelling on it for longer than I want to admit, getting really frustrated and at least one tantrum I got it to work.

No offence but I am actually really happy you were wrong about this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I changed few things while messing around with the whole setup but eventually got it working without having any products on the ticket or using Account Screen.

I am quote convinced that changing Clear Selection on the Automation Command to Toggle Values had something to do with making it work.
What are these for anyway, could you explain me the difference? I never quite figured out what their purpose is but seems to work with Toggle Values checked.

I am using this default template for the receipts that has document tags in it. I just made my own modifications to it.

-- General layout
<J00>Balance:|{SOURCE BALANCE}

Ok so changing it to toggle values is probably not what did it. Removing clear selection is probably what did it. Toggle values is when you set multiple values it will toggle through them each press of the command button. Since you have no values defined there I’m betting it had to do with clear selection.

I’m not surprised I was wrong. A lot has changed this past year and I’ve not kept up with it like I used to.

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