Print Duplicate Ticket from orders from only one Terminal

Hello Again

In the new business, we have one Kitchen receiving 2 different orders by serving 2 businesses, One for the Cafe and one for the Play Area.

The Layout of the Kitchen means I need a Duplicate Ticket printed from the Play Area Side/ Terminal (Which I can do in Execute Print Jobs to Kitchen) But only one printed out from Orders from the Cafe Side.

It is the same Kitchen Printer they print to. Is it possible to define how many print off via the selected terminals, as I am struggling to find out how to do this, as they both have the same Execute Print Job to kitchen rule for the entire system and it seem as though I can either get them all to print off one or all to print off 2.

Many Thanks for any help

Here is 1 method; there are other ways to do this:

  • Clone the Execute Print Job Action, and in the clone, set the Copies to 2.
  • Clone the Rule that fires the Action, and in the clone, remove the original Print Job Action, and insert the Cloned Print Job Action.
  • Set the Rule Mapping for the clone to apply only to the Terminal from which you need 2 copies.

I haven’t been on in a while and forgot to thank you for this.

Many Thanks