Print Issue in Other User

When I am printing from other user below error is coming.

Can you elaborate what you mean by other user?

I am using RDP Connection for tablet with other OS user in the pos server.
Eg : user1 for server and user2 for tablet.
When I am connected in the user2 and try to print bill, above error is coming.

So using rdp patch/crack? If so these can give unexpected issues.
If you login user 2 on pos itself rather than rdp it work?

Am using RDP patch.
Even am login in the POS itself, the same error is coming.

It’s a hack not a patch. I would imagine it could be partly why.

What is the specific printer and settings? If it’s happening when logged in on the server I would guess it has to do with your printer settings and or drivers.

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Template issue one one but not another, first thing I would look to check would be source of images for logo etc of used and check common path accessible.
Normal template image error is very direct and too the point but xml errors seem less specific allot kf the time.

When am checking the preview, the logo is coming perfectly. And the KOT print has also same issue.

You need to provide more information. We are blind to your system. Screenshots may help us understand. All we can do is make guesses right now.

I will dm my dbbackup is that ok ? Or you need anything else.

No that will not help. You need to provide screenshots of your template, Print Jobs, Printers anything to help us understand your issue.

Do you have a reseller? If so contact them to help you. If not you can email

Yes am a reseller. I will contact them.

Oh you are a reseller?

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Yes am a reseller. From Dubai, United Arab Emirates.