Print Job Custom Parameter

Hi all,

I searched for ages through the forum thinking i would be able to find a relatively simple solution to this problem - but no luck, so i’m reaching out.

For our restaurant, we use a number of different tickets that go to different service points.
Each has a heading and some slight changes based on the destination, but all in all the templates are basically the same thing cloned multiple times.

I’m trying to see if i can consolidated these down to one template and use a parameter setting to feed in the slight changes.

So for example, I want one ticket to say “Kitchen Ticket” vs another to say “Pizza Ticket”.

I tried setting a Parameter in called Type=Kitchen in order to differentiate, but can’t seem to get it to print when executing the print job. Any help would be appreciated.

I know the syntax above for referencing the parameter is wrong, so am hoping for guidance on how to do this easily.


Why not use 4 different print jobs for 4 different destinations instead of different tickets? I am guessing because of reporting?

You can use Ticket tags too

ticket tags wont work as it’s the print job i’m trying to differentiate. I am using 4 different print jobs, just don’t want to use 4 different templates for those jobs - i’d rather only use 1. hope that makes sense.

Make one template with either ticket tags, terminal name or program setting.

You will have to assign one of these either manually by staff or some sort of logic.

I haven’t tried but I think [Ticket Tags:Tag Name] could work in the template.

Thanks ATechAsia.

I guess my question here though is what is the “parameters” field for in the execute print job action and what is the syntax to make it work or reference it in the template ?

You could use tag or program setting… use a single setting or tag.
Rather than duplicate template create multiple print jobs and actions. Then in automation fire each one in turn updating the tag or setting between each print action;
Set tag to x,
Print for x printer,
Set tag to y,
Print for y printer,
Set tag to z,
Print for z printer,
Remove tag.

Hey @JTRTech, thanks heaps for that. In the end, that’s exactly what i ended up doing :smiley:

great minds, as they say … :wink: