Print Jobs executing twice

Very oddly I had 2 clients complain on the same day that they got duplicate tickets printed. First thing I did was confirm that the items weren’t listed on the print jobs multiple times and they arent. I think if anything this could be a minor issue with the actions being executed more than once if that makes any sense or is possible… Is this something anyone has every had experience with?

The client that complained showed me proof of two of the same exact kitchen ticket that printed one after another. He has been using samba for over 3-4 years now and said its happened before just very very rarely maybe few times over the years.

The other client that complained about this was the large bar that I just set up. They have 5 kitchen printers and I also know for sure there are no duplicate listings of products in the print jobs. The action is only listed to execute once in the default rule when ticket closing.

A kitchen print as far as samba goes in theory is no different print bill or any other job other than lack of state filter and rule containing action. Never known this on print bill or other automated printing and although haven’t had kitchen prints running that long but not experienced on those so far either.


Okay I called another busy client that has been using samba for over a year and they also reported that they have had a duplicate kitchen receipt print out a couple minutes after. Do you guys want me to send all the receipts out to you. We need to escalate this issue as extreme priority as these customers are wasting food and it makes us look really bad.

I could be my configuration but all im simply doing is adding another print job to the ticket closing rule. I can send you guys all the databases if thats what you want?

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If you can get a copy of the database I can look at it for you. This is not happening at either of my locations. It is probably config issue.

Thanks Jesse youre awesome. Getting you a copy of all databases now.

Just pm me them I’ll look at them around 4pm cst. I have more meetings with my partner today. Visiting some of his largest clients. Mexican restaurants/bar that do about 15,000.00 in sales a day.

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@Hasa please send us databases. @VehbiEmiroglu

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Hey yes, I backed them all up today just had a client to deal with and will have to do it soon as I’m in the office tomorrow morning. I’ll do it first thing before I start my day.

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I dont know how we reproduce this. Because @Hasa said its happened few time over 3-4 year. But of couse we must see the DB. I said this to Eduard, im waiting.