Print jobs not assigning products after saving

Ok so I’ve come across this issue where in print jobs, when you want to send something to the kitchen, whether it’s all products in a category or a specific product tag only… And click save after assigning what you want, and it should send whatever u wanted assigned to the specific printer with template listed…

My issue is when I go to specify the product instead of a product group as shown below

Then click save, what happens is when u go back to that print job suddenly the product you assigned is reverted back to ‘*’ and now suddenly everything u order is sent to the specified printer. This doesn’t happen with product groups or any other column s such as terminal or department or product tag. Just products.

This is after I saved the product as specified in first screenshot and going back to it shows what is in second screenshot.

I thought maybe it was issue with print job. So I decided to create a new print job and just assign a product and it does the same thing.

I have this connected to a server machine, so I tried to do it from server machine but still giving me same issue… I can’t figure out why… Is this a bug?

Are Chips under any of those Product Groups you have defined? If so try making a new Print job just for Chips.

To specify a Product, you must also specify the Product Group (Group Code). You cannot leave the Product Group with asterisk (*)


LOL great point. You are correct you can not allow ALL Product groups then expect it to allow specific product.

Ahhh that makes sense haha. Thanks for pointing that out, although I would have thought just as how group codes work individually so would just specifying products, but all good