Print Kitchen Ticket Smartly (Depending on status)

He then set out the desired situation during the workflow between waiter, customer, and kitchen.

Description of the status of the kitchen ticket during the attention of a table 1.

1.- In this image, the waiter takes the customer’s order, and sends the order to the kitchen. When the cook receives the ticket, he knows that it is a NEW ORDER, from a customer who is just ordering his food for the first time.

2.- The customer at table 1, again calls the waiter and orders another dish, at that moment the waiter takes the order and sends the order to the kitchen, in this case the system knows that the customer at table 1 is not a new customer, then the ticket is printed with the heading OVER ORDER and only the order for the new dish is sent to the kitchen. When the cook sees that the ticket is an OVEROrder, he gives it priority of attention, and will serve the customer at table 1 first.

3.- The customer at table 1, again sends the OVERORDER to the kitchen, since the system knows that he is not a new customer, so it is an OVEROrder and the cook must attend to him first. This time the customer at table 1 calls the waiter to cancel the order; at that moment the waiter sends a cancellation ticket to the kitchen and the header indicates that the order was CANCELED.

Finally, the receipt is printed with the account to be paid by the customer with two plates. The customer pays and leaves.

The above is a recreation of a situation that would like to know if it is possible to do it with sambapos, where the kitchen ticket is printed depending on whether it is a NEW ORDER or if it is an OVER ORDER or an ORDER CANCELED by the customer. I would be very grateful if you can guide me on what topics I should investigate and achieve that functionality.

Should be posible, just need to work out how you want to moderate.
Depending on how you print, ie I use a custom product tag to map kitchen printing which would mean I could tap into that with a constraint that checks if there are submitted orders which are kitchen prints already on ticket meaning its an oberorder/addon.

In my system I encourage staff to use a Reprint function for addons which reprints whole kitchen order with the new orders so that kitchen has since ticket per table rather than multiple tickets to sort through.

In regards void, that should be easy in the fact its a void it can only be an existing table as order has already been submitted and sent.
The thing with that one is that a new order and a void could be sent at same time. Ie if they change mind and so is void dish a and order dish b instead then ticket would show a void and b as new. Given something like above for overrode this would show as an overorder and should be obvious anyway as order would show void.

@JTRTech , Thank you very much for your advice, they are very good.

Someone has made or knows how I can change the header of a ticket, “New order” if it is the first time, later “On Order”, and if an order is canceled the title is “Canceled”. If you would be so kind to share your experience, or if you recommend a template or tutorial please.