Print Last Bill from Navigation Screen

Hi, I have been trying to setup ‘Print Last Bill Button’ from Navigation Screen. I have used the following topic - Tutorial: Basic Print Last Bill/Receipt Button (JTRTech) but to no avail. Do we have a tutorial for V5 please? I am able to execute the last print bill command but it prints out Printer Template and not last bill. Please not that I am using local DB and unregistered sambapos on my test PC. I have a licenced version which I don’t want to used for developing. I use SQL for my live version. I am assuming print function should be same. I am would be happy to load screen shots if required for troubleshooting. Many thanks, in advance.

It only works if your in ticket order mode not navigation. Share with us what your trying to do. Show your setup.

I have used the following post: Print Last Receipt via Automation Command and its working now :slight_smile: Thank you!

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