Print logo on receipt (ESC/POS EMULATED PRINTER)

i want to print my logo on my receipts.

however could find a way to do it.

all the tutorials in the forum seem to be for HTML printers.

my printers are set as ESC/POS format.

any ideas how i could achieve this?

The best way is to install the logo to the printer through your drivers. But if you do not wish to do that you can use <BMP>[FileName] Prints Bitmap file. <BMP>C:\logo.bmp . in your template.

Installing it to the printer will print it much faster.

do i place the logo anywhere in c drive? or is there a specific folder it needs to be in

To anywhere in the hard drivers
Example ;


where you want …

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Again though you should look at uploading the image to your printer. What printer model is it? It will print MUCH faster if you do and it will have higher quality.

Interestingly, I installed the logo to my printer directly. If printing a test page or from another programme (eg a Word doc) the logo prints, but when printing from Samba it does not.

I am sure this is a “feature” of the printer (Aures ODP 333) rather than an issue with Samba, but my point is that installing the logo to the printer isn’t always an option.

Because other programs like word use the windows driver, but the esc / pos mode does not use the windows drivers. My advice is to use HTML template. Like below …


Using etc/pos you just need to put the command code for you printer to print the stored logo the same as to open the cash drawer, check the manual

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i added the line to my printer template and uploaded logo to c drive.

works perfect, almost instantly, and the quality is very good aswell. the printer i am using is a chinese brand called Xprinter. got it from amazon

Yes sorry I should be more clear. HTML mode allows much better looking tickets and installing logo to printer works best in the regard. But if your not interested in using html printer then that’s great you still have options.

aaaaaaaaaaaah you know sometimes when you just feel really dumb for not realising something so simple?

This is one of those times!!