Print on Table Changing

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Is there anyway that we can print in to the kitchen when the customer moves from one table to other ?

Add a print job into an entity changed rule?

To follow on from @RickH I think you might need to format the print as ORDERxx MOVED TO TABLExx rather than TABLExx moved to TABLExxx - not sure if there would be a ‘Last Entity’ tag to go with entity changed but would doubt it.

Can you please tell me what is the exact Rule Name ?

Thanks Rick

Ticket Entity Changed if you use this then you need to constrain it so it only works with specific Entity Type

Got it Kendash

How to take the Old Entity and New Entity in the Print Template ?

I think you would have to like this.
Ticket number will be the same, presumably you have ticket number of the original print.


Is there any possibility to get old entity name ?

Can you explain what you want to do with old name? bah i was reading it wrong. I get you now. You would need to store it in a program setting.

I just want to mention that

Orders from Table A moved to Table B

and list out the orders

Give me a few minutes I will show you quick tutorial.

EDIT: This may have to wait I am in process of fixing a USB error with my computer so my time is kind of occupied right now.

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No I ran into an issue with USB hub on my pc had to reformat and flash bios. I have got it setup again but now I’m out with wife and kids.

I’ll show you whenever I get home.

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Yes please bear with me im operating with about half my health atm… I have epilepsy and im having some flair ups today. So some things im not responding too, some things I am… I know thats wierd but when you have a brain thing it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: Basically im being careful how deep I have to think atm.

Look at Ticket Entity Changed rule you have access to [:OldEntityName] Its easier than I thought. Just simply use Update Program Setting action and store [:OldEntityName] in Ticket Entity Changed rule. Then in your printer template use {SETTING:<Your Program Setting Name>} for the original entity and use {ENTITY NAME} for the current one.

Example I called my program setting OriginalTable

so my template might look like this:

<J00>[Table: {SETTING:OriginalTable} moved to] Table: {ENTITY NAME}

Here is what your rule might look like.

I think @emre said he will work on a way to clear old Program Settings but that will be v5 so until then having multiple program settings wont hurt anything.


While using rules and actions you’ll need to store some data to access it from other rules, actions or printer templates. We can also use this data to enable / disable other rules and actions or automation command buttons.

You can use these SambaPOS features to Read / Write…:

####Network Wide Global Values > Program Settings (IsLocal = False)
We use it to store data that will be accessible from all terminals.

  • Happy Hour Enabled
  • Work Period Open

####Terminal based values > Program Settings (IsLocal = True)
Local data can read locally. (From only the terminal that writes data)

  • Last Processed Ticket
  • Last Tendered Amount
  • Last clicked table name
  • Is Manager Logged In

####Ticket based values > Ticket Tags
These data will be available to everyone who can access ticket.

  • Person Count
  • Delivery Address

####Entity based values > Entity Custom Fields
That data will be available while accessing an entity. That data is also accessible through entity editors.

  • Customer Birthday
  • Customer VIP Level

####Order based Values > Order Tags
We can access that data by order. Order tags also can have a price so it can increase / decrease order amount.

  • Order Modifiers
  • Order discount

####Product based Values > Product Tags
We can use that data for additional product based values. That data can be accessible through product editor.

  • Product type.
  • Product name in other languages.
  • Promotion points value.
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I followed the above steps but still unable to print the old table no. please chck where i went wrong.

Your program setting would not be {SETTING:OldEntityName} it would be {SETTING:{TICKET NO}} You used {TICKET NO} as the setting name.

So in your template it would look like this:

<J00>[Table: {SETTING:{TICKET NO}} moved to] Table: {ENTITY NAME}
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