Print only ticket tag after after tag selected to Kitchen printer

I already create a ticket tag call Kitchen Note with predefined value and it to the pos screen and it work great, but what I want is after the tag selected it will automatic print to Kitchen (Print only tag value) and close the order screen.

Is it possible to do that?

Its possible yes. I cant quite understand why you want that flow though you have not explained what your actually trying to achieve.

How are you initiating the tag? Is it an automation command button?

Thank for quick reply,
Yes I use an automation command button.
What I want to achieve is Sending a note to the Kitchen printer.
I can manage it success by using print template, ticket note and an automation command button. But in this case I have to enter note first and hit on the button Send Note.

but what I actually want is:

  1. User click on Send Note button
  2. They will see list of predefined note. (That create in ticket tag)
  3. When they click on one of the note or the enter new note, The note will send to kitchen printer and order screen is close(just close the screen, not change status to close)

Why i need this because I want their work are more productive by do not need to type note again and again.

Please give any advice to achieve this, Thanks.

If its predefined messages you could just have a template per message and that way no ticket note is required and the message could be sent at any point as it would not be ticket dependent.

Hi JTRTech,

Thank for your reply, We do need ticket dependent. if there is no ticket opened message could not be sent. if it cannot done by ticket tag. I will follow your advice, but your solution is very summarize, could give me more detail to implement like what you said?

***Note: I am a newbie, I try to set up this for almost 3weeks, but not finish all requirement yet.

Thank in advance.

It depends on what the messages are really?
It it needs to have a table number on the message obviously a ticket will need to be open to provide the table number but if its for things like mains away I would still use independent template - show table number etc but replate the orders part with large message for mains away.
Offer a list of the messages your looking to send.
If you could also note which/if any need specific info from a ticket/order and will offer suggestions.
There isnt even anything saying that some couldn’t be ticket tag and others direct templates, samba is very flexible like this.

You don’t have to have a ticket to send something to printer.

Thank for your opinion,
Finally, after I read other questions in this forum, I manage to get it work as what I wanted by using action Execute Print Job and Rule Ticket Tag Selected. I really love how flexible it is. You guys are awesome and I will have more question soon.