Print out food recipes from report or any other way?

Good Day,

i would like to know if i can print out food recipes from report or any other way ?
Thank You

Food receipts? Could you elaborate?

i have added the food receipts a huge list…
all the receipts for all the items … can i print that ?

You could probably setup a product tag as recipe and use some automation and a ticket template to just print product tag recipe.

I have a setup for cocktail ingredients so if you need to know how to make a cocktail you add it to the ticket, select it and press the recipe button. This displays a box on screen with the ingredients to make the cocktail

You could do a similar thing but instead of a box appearing with the recipe it prints it instead

Report all food group products?
My tciket or by qty like item sales report?

just the raw materials receipts, lets say for the chef to review.
all the inventory receipts, see the screenshot please, print the list with each item’s details on the inside .


this will be on each item ? correct ?