Print Product Tags on different print to kitchen

We have started doing Freakshakes, woot. At the moment I have them just ‘Freaky Upgrade’ on the till but id like to have 5 different upgrades. Chocolate, Caramel, pink… etc etc.

is there a way of printing a separate print to the kitchen printer if they have the specific product tag of freakshake?

Example, someone orders 3 milkshakes, 1 with a freaky upgrade.

one the end of transaction, the printer prints as normal, but also prints an additional receipt with just the freaky upgrade product…

Does it even make sense?


Surly you just map that to the other printer in a separate print job or am I missing something?

Think I’ve got it wrong in my explanation.

Order tag not product tag.

Tag is whipped cream, marshmallows, freaky upgrade.

I only want the product with freaky upgrade added to print separately.

In Rules there is a “Order Tagged” event. You could use that to fire the Print Job.

(My first attempt to help someone, go easy on me) :wink: