Print receipt 2 time when click

they are Click on Cash Button to cash out Printer Print 2 time of Bill that good
But U know when they are Click to D2D Button to Cash Out that time Ticket Printer Print only one paper receipt
i want same like cash button on D2D print 2 paper when it click

Can u Suggest me Please Where i need to do

Presume its a payment type?
Either make a new payment processed rule with 2 execute print bill actions or if you already have a generic payment processed print bill rule just make one specific to D2D and put 1 print bill there so you will get two, one cause by existing print on payment and the other printed from rule specific to D2D

i create Exceute bill print D2D job that is like Exeute bill print job
i put D2d job into rule call Print Bill Rule that right

No, that is just going to print 2 bills every time you press print bill…
Show your payment processed rule which causes 2 prints?

only this setting i done i think that is default
right now when they are click on cash button ticket printer print 2 paper.
when the time they click on D2D button it print only 1 paper if they want to print they have find ticket and go into after click print bill button when busy time they cannot do that thing. so they like to get like cash button like to print 2 paper when click at D2D button. :slight_smile:

Automation command print bill rull would not be triggered by cashing off a ticket (at least not on its own).
Please check for payment processed rules

Ignore the rules shown on mine as they are all custom but pretty sure there isnt any by default but would imagine you have an open cash drawer print job in a print action on payment processed for cash so start there.

i have only this i have open cash drawer print job also :slight_smile:

Oh, and whats that above it?


Show this rule.

And saying that also show you open drawer rule.

Also show these two actions please.

ACM Auto Print Rule is I test before i little Forgot please check it for me thanks u very much for u r kindness

What is this?

Where does it go?
Show this action.

it for open Cash Drawer thing when they click on Cash Button it will automatically came out cash drawer

This one;
Payment Type action

hee sorry here u go

OK, interesting,
Can you just show your cash drawer template? is it just kick code or does it have content?

Here it is right now it work every outlet i test but only one outlet is not working i just thinking everything is same so it so interesting

Ok, so its not that you put kick code on printed template…
So need to follow the program setting.

Find a rule that is using that as a constraint.
Id start with before ticket closing and ticket closing rules.

u mean i put open cash drawer code is not the one put kick drawer

open drawer action is like that and in open drawer rule

here one sorry if i confuse u or i give trouble to u sorry boss

sorry bro can i ask about this report that is group by product potion report when shop end it will came out from ticker printer
like this i will photo

if u don’t mind please show me
i dont know how to do it to grouping item potion like pic

did you not already start a topic for that question already?

Can we finnish one thing at a time?

Forget the open drawer, thats not involved, was just checking you hadnt used kick code on your actual receipt.

Please show the rule list covering before closing ticket and ticket closing rules.