Print receipt after [?Question]

Just doing a little custom paid out for my till but cant work out (or forgotten with my short term memory) how to print after asking for a Store Setting [?Question]

Example, we dont track wages any other way than on paper. So im just creating a little script so that we can manually enter the employee name and amount they are being paid, a receipt being printed off with that persons name and wages amount with a signature line for them to sign.

I have everything sorted but am stuck on the printer template.

I have the two Settings as [?Employee Name] and [?Wages Amount]

How would I make the printer print off the above entered values?

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


EDIT: I think its {SETTING:Employee Name} ?

Damn my brain

I also see this as a v1.0 of something I am going to create on a much bigger scale to rid me of paper

I would make it create a account transaction between Cash payments account and a New Wages expence acount, this way EOD will balance with cash amount and you can create a account transaction document template for them to sign.

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Future plans to do this and creat a new account for each employee.

Make the settings create a transaction somehow

Accounts is new to me, and this will be what I need to help me understand it myself.

Will be back with questions of course ha! :slight_smile:

the annoying thing is, I just created the above flawlessly… not 1 problem.

Took me about 10 minutes in total and I wanted to do something to tax my brain (not the accounts bit lol) I expected to run into at least 1 problem… dammit

The prompt (ie. Employee Name) has nothing to do with storing the actual input response in a Setting.

Show your use of the [?prompt] notation. It should be used in an Update Program Setting action, which is where you set the Setting Name and Setting Value.

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No I understand that, I just wanted a starting point.

All works as expected at the moment. Next will be to make my ‘Add Employee’ button to also create an account for each employee.

Here is screen shot… working as expected :slight_smile:

So you need a Printer, Printer Template, and Print Job.

In the Template, use {SETTING:Employee Name}

Create an Execute Print Job Action configured to fire the appropriate Print Job.

Put that Action in a Rule.

Looking at your Rule, you will probably want to put the Print Action just before the Ask Question Action.

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Q… I did it already lol.

There is 2 print jobs there, one for us to keep in the records and on for their records.

Thanks for the help though I do always appreciate it.

Ill be coming back with more questions though when we get to the accounting part of it!