Print Report Action Issue


Can you use settings in Print Report action? Because at the moment it seems to be ignoring date range section. It always prints whole month (This Month) no matter whats inside the field in a rule.



V5.2.26 153-153

What format is the date in that setting?


These are two program settings I am loading inside

Should I convert it to yyyy-mm-dd?

@posflow did you get this figured out?

No, the print action would always set start date as 01-01-0001 no matter what format you input.

@Posflow Date format as mm/dd/yyyy seems to work fine for me. This is as its shown in the report module.

What version of SambaPOS are you using?

Latest non beta. 5.3 I think.

I never tried to hardcode date like that. I always used setting. Let me try that out in a bit and will let you know.

Date works but not time. However we are working to fix it.

Good news we have fixed this and will be available in the next update.

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