Print Report Action wrong range

I´ve got an issue with the date range on a Print Report action.
I choose as Date Range “Work Period” and the report prints everything from the beginning of the business.

I ve also tried to delete the action and make a new one but nothing changes.

Report header shows this

Work Period Report
lundi 1 janvier 0001 00:00
vendredi 12 mai 2017 10:58

The begining Date is not just.

I’ve got another action “Save report to file” but here everything works fine!


Another info:
The version I use was installed in French and the term which is written there is “Periode travaillé”, maybe there is an translation mismatch and therefore it doesnt get the date range…
Nevertheless, it doesn’t work nor in french nor in the englisch version…(screenshot isn english because my test machine is english but the production machine is french)

Hello, tried Today some more options.

  • Changed the date format to north american time format. No change
  • Changed the language of the program into english. No change
  • Deleted the Action and recreated it. No change

When I manually print the work period, it works. Only the Action is not working.


It works when I leave the date range blank.
Don’t know if that’s a workaround or if I only misused the Action initially.


I think it is somewhat a bug, so leaving this as an issue that has a workaround.

I can understand that it would default to “Work Period” if left blank. However, using “Work Period” should work just fine as well. It should be fixed IMO.

Good to hear you found a workaround! :wink: