Print Specific ORDER, ORDER TAG

BUZZER is an item on product with ORDER TAG

How to print BUZZER on the top of the ticket ?

You can’t. It is an order tag. It’s only ever going to show under orders. You should use ticket tags for that.

thank for you for your responds.

I am thinking of using ORDERS GROUP|ORDER TAG to put the BUZZER at the top of the order list.

but I have tried the following, it doesnt work



It will only ever be under Orders not above. Order tags fall under Orders.

Like Jesse has said, order tags will only be enumerated in the {ORDER TAGS} section of the template which is only enumerated in the {ORDERS} section.

With a ticket tag you can throw <T>{TICKET TAG:BUZZER} on the top of the ticket template and you’re all set. Also beneficial, your staff can easily see the buzzer number without having to scroll through the ticket.

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