Print template fields

how do i print this on a print template?
thank you


it doesn’t work! it prints me or {TENDERED} or {TENDERED AMOUNT}

Make sure you put it under the [PAYMENTS] section.

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doing so prints me all the payment list both cash and card, I should print only the last payment.
example: if you pay 13 euros by card, you only have to print 13 euros, if you pay a part with a card, 19 euros you have to print only 19 euros

Where are you triggering print from.
If posible would need to be on a payment processed event for sure as any other time there will be no link to a specific payment.
I’m not sure if what your asking is 100% posible as a ticket or invoice with multiple payments would still show all payments for that transaction in order to make it balance.
You would need to try some of the ticket value options like;
however imagine these would be cumulative for the ticket as paid in parts

It helps to explain what you need in detail. I answered your question but that’s not what you really wanted.

We can’t understand what your thinking.

in Italy you have to print with a fiscal printer, I should print the total of the last payment.
if the customer pays 12 euros by card, the printer must print only that payment!
the problem arises when the same ticket is divine the more payments, I need to print the total of the last payment

So you need to use sql for that in payment progressed rule.

Create a new printer template, a new print job, a new action to execute that print job, and a new rule that executes when a payment it processed.

Under the [PAYMENTS] section, place the following:

<J00>{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT TOP(1) Name, Amount FROM dbo.Payments WHERE TicketId = {TICKET ID} ORDER BY Date DESC:F.Name,F.Amount}

be sure to constrain your rule to your credit card payment type